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Voiced by

Jess Harnell





Skin color



Tommy's Room, Caviar,


Flip, Diet Soda




Swanky Parents, 3 nephews, Counsin,

Swanky is the fourth main character of the series.


Tall, blue and beaked, Swanky completely demands nothing but the finer things in life. He truly believes he’s an aristocrat; a blue-blood with real blue blood to go along with his “I’m better than you” attitude.Selfish, egotistical and the hardest alien for anyone to get along with, Swanky is always scheming: he wants only the best in life and what’s best for him. He doesn’t necessarily believe that Tommy needs any help and certainly is reluctant to help him, or anyone else, unless helping them also helps Swanky. Swanky always places his needs first. He even has his own special chair from which to plan his schemes and make his demands.Swanky expects others to wait on him – he abhors chores and the very mention of the word “work” sends a shiver down his multiple spines. To achieve any goal, Swanky needs helpers and usually tries to recruit Gumpers or Flip to be his “Personal Assistants.”Swanky enjoys items of luxury and living the high life. He is not beyond manipulating the others to help him out (and do all the heavy lifting). If this sounds like Swanky has deep pockets, he does. Literally. He’s got deep pockets from which he can pull out a variety of CGI-generated assets.Swanky covets Tommy’s room. Forced to sleep in the living room with the other aliens, every day without his own private “sanctuary” is one more day of torture for Swanky. While he would never create a plan that would hurt Tommy or cause him misfortune, Swanky has no problem being an eager cog in any wheel that will land him Tommy’s room.Swanky always finds himself dragged into the aliens antics. Unlike Tommy, who can be easily convinced to join the aliens’ adventures, Swanky is immovable – unless he sees an immediate benefit to himself.

Running GagsEdit

  • When Swanky say Nincompoops.